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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I am writing a series of tutorial how to design a web site template from the scratch (including how to make blogger and WordPress template)

How Design Web interference [part 1]- Initial Steps

The 3 basic points in the Initial of web designing

· Web Design Goals??

The principal entity which strike on my mind when I deliberate of
designing a website template, are the internet visitors, who will visit the website.
A website design has to be designed such that it outfits the visitor and is
bestowing to the subject of the website

· What Your Site Does?

What is the major call to action for this site? What do we

Want the user to do?

· Usability and Accessibility

With the Internet allowing our work to reach a global audience, we have to try and cater
for a massive range of people: blind users, elderly users, underage users, users with slow
Internet connections or older, unreliable machines, users with little knowledge of the way
web sites work, technology enthusiasts

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Many times mobile users struggle to
bypass Adf links because it stucks to 1-2 seconds and doesn't show “skip ad” Button.
I will show you how to bypass
Step-1 Copy the link from the address bar

Step-2 Open a new tab and type this address

Step-3 Paste the copied text in          step-1 in the box and press button

You will get the original link which was clocked by

"Taj Mahal"  Free Indian Blogger Template
Taj mahal is a new blogger theme for travel related blogs and websites. This template has 2 columns and has right hand side place to put your widgets.  Recommended for travel blog.

column :                    2 Columns,
Side bar:                   Right Sidebar,
best suited for:          travel, Indian
Sheet Style:              Fixed Width,
Background                Light Color background
widget :                      Page Navigation Widget.